Partner with us and generate a profit!

Invest in a tree we grow, while also benefitting a participating charity of your choice.

Make a positive impact on the environment while also creating a potential source of income. By investing in a tree, you'll be contributing to a greener future and establishing a lasting legacy.

After a period of time, the tree you sponsor will be sold, and you will receive a portion of the sale profits.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in a sustainable future while also supporting participating animal welfare organisations of your choice.

So why not take this opportunity to make a difference today and reap the rewards tomorrow?



We will grow and maintain your tree on your behalf. R200 will be donated to a participating welfare organisation of your choice immediately. From 2 years and onwards to 5 years, the tree are available to be sold to to a buyer.

  • seed
    1. Choose a tree(s) to buy

    Currently we have the option of the following species, more may be added soon. (list trees) . One tree will cost you an initial R1000 in cash, but that is the only money you will spend. We will handle admin fees, maintenance fees, labour, logistics and other costs to company.

  • seedling
    2. Decide on an animal welfare charity

    A small portion (R200) of the money will be donated to a charity of choice immediately. Instead of just giving the charity money, not knowing how it will spend, we will provide the donation in the form of supplies or medical care, for example sterilization, microchipping or dog food etc.

  • youngtree
    3. We grow and maintain your tree

    The trees are planted in 450L containers and are cared for until they reach an age of 5 years. The trees are tagged and in our database you will be registered as the owner. We will insure your tree and your tree will grow annually at ~18% in value and be worth as follow:
    year 1: R800 (-R200 from your initial investment.)
    year 2: R1200 (+R200)
    year 3: R1440 (+R440)
    year 4: R1728 (+R728)
    year 5: R2074 (+R1074 profit!)

    At year 5 we will sell your tree to a buyer and you will receive R2000 in cash, doubling your initial investment!
  • growntree
    4. The tree are sent to their final destination

    You have the option of buying the tree yourself, in that case, you will have to pay another R4000 to buy the tree back for yourself spending a total of R5000. (You will need to arrange pick up yourself at own expense.) Alternatively we will sell your tree to a commercial buyer and at that point it will no longer be your property. You will receive a total of R2074 in cash and another R1000 will be donated to the charity of your original choice.