Buy a tree or sponsor a tree for the community and we will also donate to a participating animal welfare organisation of your choice.


If you are someone who cares about the environment and wants to make a positive impact, consider buying or sponsoring a tree! Not only will you be contributing to a greener future, but you'll also be creating a lasting legacy.

Whether you're honoring a lost pet, supporting wildlife, or simply spreading your love for nature, planting a tree is a meaningful way to give back. With each tree you buy or sponsor, you'll help to create a thriving ecosystem and provide countless benefits to the local community for years to come. Additionally, a portion of the funds from each tree sponsorship will be donated to participating pet and animal welfare charities of your choice. So why not take this opportunity to make a difference today? By sponsoring a tree, you not only help to create a healthier planet but also support the well-being of animals everywhere.


We will grow and maintain your tree at our premises if you choose the tree grow option or you can buy a ready tree from our currently available list of species in stock. Goods or services will be donated to a charity of your choice immediately. If we grow a tree for you and your tree reaches the appropriate size for our 100L (typically 2,5 to 4 years of age) or 250L (typically 4 to 5 years of age), depending on your choice, you can arrange to collect it or we will donate the tree for our "Planting a Tree" initiatives (if you chose the sponsor option) and it will be planted where it is needed to benefit the environment.

  • seed
    STEP 1 - Choose trees to buy

    Currently we have the option of various species. One tree will cost you our final retail value of R2495 for a tree in a 100L bag and R4995 for a tree in a 250L bag, taking into account admin fees, maintenance fees, storage fees, labour, logistics and other costs to company for this growing period.

  • seedling
    STEP 2 - AWARE Foundation NPC donation

    A portion of the money will be donated to the AWARE Foundation NPC immediately. Instead of just giving various charities money, not knowing how it will be spent, the AWARE Foundation NPC donates in the form of supplies or medical care, for example sterilization, microchipping etc. or dog food by their service partners.

  • youngtree
    STEP 3 - Tree Care

    The trees are planted in 100L and 250L containers and we are committed to care for them until they reach the age of of approximately 2.5 or 5 years. However, you are welcome to collect them earlier if you chose the buying option, but we offer no partial refunds to the total fee. The trees are tagged and in our database you will be registered as the owner or sponsor. Our compost is provided by Earthpet.

  • growntree
    STEP 4 - The tree are sent to their final home

    In the case of the sponsor option, once the tree reaches an age of approximately 2.5 or 5 years it is ready for its ultimate destination and to uplift the environment. It will be handed over to our tree planting initiatives for distribution to where it is needed. Although the sponsored trees will no longer be under our care, we will log where it was planted and list you as the sponsor. Being an older tree, it should flourish at its final destination.
    In the case of the buy option, you can now collect the tree to be planted at your home or place of choice, arranging your own transport at your own expense. We do offer transport and planting services at an additional fee. Prices for this vary based on distance etc. and we will quote you separately at the time. 

Grow with us

Grow your tree at our premises from a seed or seedling. We will take care of it, this will be your only fee you will be charged.

Buy a ready tree

We have a select species of 2.5 and 5 year old trees that are available to buy from our inventory.